Travel, Meals and Hospitality Expenses


Mike Martelli - President, Renewable Generation & Power Marketing

2016 2017
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Start DateEnd DatePurposeTotal
4/1/20176/30/2017Regular Operational Expenses$160.00
3/7/20173/8/2017OPG Interantioanl Womenls Day Celebration$304.22
3/10/20173/11/2017First Nations Energy Table$697.93
3/16/20173/17/2017Face to Face with Timmins Employees$913.43
3/23/20173/25/2017Indspire Awards$786.60
3/28/20173/29/2017AIEQ Panel Speaker $202.00
4/3/20174/3/2017Bankers Meeting at the DEC$65.20
4/4/20174/6/2017Portlands Board Meeting$135.15
4/12/20174/12/2017Tour Niagara Plant Group$94.40
4/6/20174/7/2017Meeting with the Minister in Burwood (cancelled)$320.21
4/13/20174/13/2017Meeting with Ministers in Ottawa$809.12
4/28/20174/28/2017Day of Mourning$94.40
5/9/20175/10/2017Eastern Operations Q1 review$851.27
5/16/20175/17/2017Central Operations Q1 review$829.93
5/31/20176/23/2017MIT Training$284.24

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