Travel, Meals and Hospitality Expenses


Mike Martelli - President, Renewable Generation & Power Marketing

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Start DateEnd DatePurposeTotal
10/1/201712/31/2017Regular Operational Expenses$12.50
9/14/20179/14/2017Meeting with Mohawk Council of Akwesasne$621.74
9/8/20179/8/2017Power of you Awards $94.40
9/15/20179/15/2017Took Board or Director on Tour of Niagara Plant$94.40
9/26/20179/28/2017CHA Board Meeting$525.21
10/3/201710/5/2017OPG Board Strategy Sessions$1,045.79
10/16/201710/16/2017Saunders Control Room Opening$335.51
10/26/201710/26/2017Niagara Q3 review$94.40
10/30/201710/31/2017Northeast Operations Q3 review$709.99
11/20/201711/23/2017CHA Board Meeting$528.72
11/17/201711/17/2017Barrett Chute Event$481.64

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