Travel, Meals and Hospitality Expenses


Barb Keenan - SVP People and Culture and Chief Ethics Officer

2017 - Q1
Start DateEnd DatePurposeTotal
1/1/20173/31/2017Regular Operational Expenses$15.63
2/23/20172/24/2017Attend Indspire Awards$324.73
2/15/20172/16/2017Attend Conf Board of Canada Meeting$723.56
2017 - Q2
Start DateEnd DatePurposeTotal
4/1/20176/30/2017Regular Operational Expenses$206.40
3/24/20173/25/2017Indspire Awards & Dinner$495.64
6/7/20176/9/2017Conference Board HR Executives Meeting$664.90
2017 - Q3
Start DateEnd DatePurposeTotal
7/1/20179/30/2017Regular Operational Expenses$172.80
6/7/20176/9/2017Attend Conference Board of HR Executives$379.46
9/8/20179/8/2017Power of You Awards Ceremony$80.00
2017 - Q4
Start DateEnd DatePurposeTotal
10/1/201712/31/2017Regular Operational Expenses$230.40
10/3/201710/5/2017OPG Board Strategy Sessions$581.68
10/29/201710/30/2017Northeast Operations Mtg$691.28
11/28/201711/29/2017Northwest Operations Q3 Meeting $653.56
2018 - Q1
Start DateEnd DatePurposeTotal
1/1/20183/31/2018Regular Operational Expenses$240.40
2/6/20182/7/2018Conference Board HR Executives Meeting$418.39
3/13/20183/14/2018HR Leaders Driving Value Creation in the Digital Economy Meeting$363.58
2018 - Q2
Start DateEnd DatePurposeTotal
4/1/20186/30/2018Regular Operational Expenses$120.20
3/13/20183/14/2018HR Leaders Driving Value Creation in the Digital Economy Meeting$452.96
6/25/20186/27/2018Participate in Bolt Across Ontario$329.11
2018 - Q3
Start DateEnd DatePurposeTotal
7/17/20187/18/2018Q2 Ops Review meeting$498.61
6/25/20186/27/2018Participate in Bolt Across Ontario$290.41
7/1/20189/30/2018Regular Operational Expenses$115.20

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