Travel, Meals and Hospitality Expenses


Jennifer Rowe - SVP - Corporate Affairs

2018 - Q1
Start DateEnd DatePurposeTotal
1/1/20183/31/2018Regular Operational Expenses$11.00
2/21/20182/23/2018CNA Conference$947.35
2018 - Q2
Start DateEnd DatePurposeTotal
4/25/20184/25/2018EV Mobility Conference$715.73
2018 - Q3
Start DateEnd DatePurposeTotal
7/1/20189/30/2018No expenses incurred for this time period$0.00
2018 - Q4
Start DateEnd DatePurposeTotal
8/20/20188/22/2018AMO Conference$1,018.56
9/26/20189/28/2018Women in Nuclear Conference$1,576.63
9/21/201811/5/2018CNA Board Meeting$1,046.83
9/21/201810/1/2018OPG Hill Day$938.47
10/1/201812/31/2018Regular Operational Expenses$244.60
2019 - Q1
Start DateEnd DatePurposeTotal
2/25/20193/1/2019CNA Conference$1,218.68
1/1/20193/31/2019Regular Operational Expenses$30.00
2019 - Q2
Start DateEnd DatePurposeTotal
3/21/20193/21/2019Ottawa Meetings$673.19
6/14/20196/15/2019Great Lakes$497.48
6/24/20196/25/2019CNA Board Meeting$275.73
6/3/20196/3/2019Canada Advisory $1,015.94

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