Travel, Meals and Hospitality Expenses


Jim Reinsch - Director

2017 - Q1
Start DateEnd DatePurposeTotal
12/13/201612/14/2016Quarterly Meeting with Minister of Energy re: DRP$897.88
3/7/20173/10/2017Board & Committee Meetings$1,653.51
3/27/20173/27/2017Quarterly Meeting with Minister of Energy re: DRP$468.23
2017 - Q2
Start DateEnd DatePurposeTotal
5/29/20175/29/2017Quarterly Meeting with Minister of Energy re: DRP$1,017.77
5/8/20175/11/2017Board & Committee Meetings $1,625.89
2017 - Q3
Start DateEnd DatePurposeTotal
8/8/20178/10/2017Board & Committee Meetings August$984.41
9/11/20179/11/2017Quarterly Meeting with Minister of Energy$532.19
2017 - Q4
Start DateEnd DatePurposeTotal
10/2/201710/5/2017Board Strategy Retreat October$1,038.06
11/7/201711/9/2017Board & Committee Meetings and Ministry Meeting November$1,882.34
2018 - Q1
Start DateEnd DatePurposeTotal
2/6/20182/6/2018Meeting with Treasury Board (trip cancelled)$1,457.21
3/6/20183/8/2018Board & Committee Meetings$1,580.26
3/29/20183/29/2018Meeting with Minister of Energy (trip cancelled)$753.71
2018 - Q2
Start DateEnd DatePurposeTotal
5/15/20185/17/2018Board & Committee Meetings$1,201.41
2018 - Q3
Start DateEnd DatePurposeTotal
8/8/20188/10/2018Board & Committee Meetings$2,602.09
8/17/20188/17/2018Meeting with Minister (meeting cancelled)$224.07
2018 - Q4
Start DateEnd DatePurposeTotal
10/1/201810/3/2018Board Strategy Meetings$1,857.60
11/13/201811/15/2018Board & Committee Meetings$1,196.44
12/5/201812/5/2018Meeting with Minister Rickford$130.46
2019 - Q1
Start DateEnd DatePurposeTotal
2/11/20192/12/2019Board & Committee Meetings$1,141.71
3/5/20193/7/2019Board & Committee Meetings$1,490.65
3/11/20193/11/2019CEO Transition Meeting$835.37
2019 - Q2
Start DateEnd DatePurposeTotal
5/14/20195/16/2019Board & Committee Meetings$1,807.20

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