Executive Expenses

Disclosure of Travel, Meal and Hospitality Expenses

January 2019

Travel, meals and hospitality expenses will be available on this webpage following a review by the Office of the Integrity Commissioner. This website will provide information on the expenses incurred by the Board of Directors, President and Chief Executive Officer, and the employees who report directly to the President and Chief Executive Officer (the "Enterprise Leadership Team"), over the previous two calendar years.

All claims for reimbursement for travel and other expenses must comply with the principles and rules of the Travel, Meal and Hospitality Expenses Directive which is available on the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services website. The objective of the directive is to ensure that such expenses are appropriate and strike a balance among economy, health and safety, and efficiency of operations.

A search that yields "no expenses incurred for this time period" means:

Board of Directors
Coles, Jeff - Director
Coley, Bill - Director
DeMarco, Elisabeth - Director
Gladu, JP - Director
Herron, John - Director
Hotoyan-Joly, Ani - Director
Kei, Wendy - Director
Lewis, George - Director
Lord, Bernard - Board Chair - Ontario Power Generation Inc.
Lyash, Jeffrey - President & Chief Executive Officer
Mulligan, Peggy - Director
Pavri, Yezdi - Director
Reinsch, Jim - Director
Sheppard, Joe - Director

Senior Management
Ginther, Chris - Chief Administraive Officer
Granville, Sean - President, Nuclear
Hartwick, Ken - Chief Financial Officer and SVP Finance
Keenan, Barb - SVP People and Culture and Chief Ethics Officer
Martelli, Mike - President, Renewable Generation & Power Marketing
Reiner, Dietmar - SVP, Nuclear Projects
Rowe, Jennifer - SVP - Corporate Affairs

Past Executive/Board Members/Positions
Boivin, Nicole - Director
Crozzoli, Carlo - SVP Corporate Business Development and Strategy
Hawley, Brendan - Director
Jager, Glenn - Nuclear President and Chief Nuclear Officer
Kagan, Ira - Director
Martin, Scott - SVP, Business & Admin. Services
Phillips, Gerry - Director

Top Five Claimants
No data available for this category.

In some cases, fewer than five employees are listed. This happens when one or more of the top five claimants is an OPG Senior Management member, in which case his/her expenses are listed in the Senior Management or Past Executive/Board Members/Positions section of this web page.

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